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IOTM's Career Enhancement Classes: Pregnancy Massage

At IOTM, we take pride in our curriculum and we offer our students and grads a variety of classes, called Career Enhancement Classes. In these classes, you will learn advanced massage techniques that can give you a competitive advantage when you're searching for your future career. The classes can be tailor made to fit your future career goals. For example, if you want to work in a nursing home after you graduate, you would probably want to sign up for our Geriatric Massage and Cancer Massage class. If your goal is to work in the spa environment, some classes you might want to take are: Hot Stone Body Massage, Chair Massage, Clay or Paraffin Muscle Toning Facial Massage and Pregnancy Massage, like demonstrated in the picture below.

Pregnancy Massage is the study of massage techniques and contraindications for the mother and baby to be. Nurturing, pain management and body preparation are the keystones of this course. Massage has entered the delivery suite and is now readily encouraged by the OB-GYN Specialists and Midwives. Massage is considered by most to be essential for the well being of mother and baby.

Pregnancy Massage is just one of the many CEC's you can experience while attending the Institute of Therapeutic Massage. IOTM is also the only area school that offers our students 100 CEC hours included in the program. Please take a tour of our Advanced Spa Massage CEC Classes and our Advanced Medical Massage CEC Classes and see which classes will fit best with your future career!

Author: Katie Gerdeman, Marketing & School Representative

New classes begin the week of February 16th!!
Open Enrollment until February 23rd
Upcoming start dates: April 6th, May 18th & July 6th

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